Entero Identity

The core business of Entero is furnishing interiors of commercial spaces and residential buildings. Their magic wand is the latest technology, whilst every one of 150 workers is a magician of his trade. That is why every product they make carries within itself the magic which becomes an integral part of your life, whether it is a door, a wardrobe, a piece of furniture, a counter, a staircase or a complete interior made according to the client's design. Visit www.entero.rs for more. 

Entero's visual identity is simple, intuitive and playful, yet bold and memorable. Inspired by dynamics of relations between half-abstract shapes we can reveal in every interior, we developed and named our brand device "Cutout", communicating the individual approach that Entero has with clients.

Creative & Art Direction: Kosta Rakicevic
Design: Marija Mandic, Nina Hadzivukovic, Milos Bogdanovic
Photography: Miralem Causevic, Nikola Ilic
Copywrite: Radina Todorovic, Jasna Rakicevic