Umetnobil (Umetnost=Art on Serbian + Mobile) was created by urgent action of special artistic units. This house on wheels has been transformed into a unique media creature that will enable artists to act more easily and create in real social and public spaces.

Mission: Relocation of the sterile space and static forms of communication. Creating new situations that will allow creators to think socially active. Infrastructure of our vehicle will make artists overcome problems related to transportation, accommodation, materials and will develop the relationship with a random audience and revive citizenship which is in a form of cultural euthanasia.The Umetnobil Program provides active open-air workshops, movement happening, sound andu speech performance, regular visualization of vehicles by visual artists and an exhibition by the author on call.

Umetnobil concept & Photography: Ivan Zupanc
Art direction & design: Kosta Rakicevic
Year: 2017.