Maysoon LA

Maysoon Salah is a Los Angeles based beauty expert, eyebrow artist and entrepreneur. Starting out as a salon owner, she is now the creator of a beauty-product line, a threading instructor, and a practicing beauty specialist. 

Our studio was commissioned for art direction & design. We developed a strong and surreal identity with inverted hues, neon gradients, custom typeface and quite a bit of photo-editing. 

Client: Maysoon Cosmetics, Los Angeles, US
Services: Identity + Art Direction
Photo: Ivan Zupanc, Dejan Živadinović
Models: Marija Ćurčić, Anastasija Protić, Jovana Živanović

Year: 2018

The sense of chicness and self-confidence was important as Maysoon is operating in LA, where being just cool is not enough. The design invokes vintage silk screen posters and magazine spreads, from the days when these were done with a sense of authorship and nonconformity.


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