Nooro is a new kind of snack bar which combines healthy, clean and natural ingredients with nootropics and CBD in a vegan, gluten free snack bar to nourish your body and fuel your flowstate. Nooro features uplifting ingredients such as chicory root fibre, maca & l-theanine and a well rounded dose of CBD.

Many describe flowstate as the moment of a complete immersion into an activity or a thought, the instant when you lose track of time, being positively absent but still "in the zone". The flowstate led us to develop the concept inspired by japanese zen gardens, traditional settings for meditation and contemplating, which have a calming effect on the visitors enhancing their overall wellbeing. 

Client: Nooro Holdings, Brentford, UK
Services: Logo + Identity + Packaging
Creative Direction: Kosta Rakićević
Design: Kosta Rakićević, Željko Špica
Photography: Tatjana Zlatković

Year: 2020


The continuous loops of lines on the snack bar package mimic the sand that is raked to represent ripples in water, a common feature of zen gardens. Pleasant concentric shapes symbolise a powerful psychological mindset in which a person is facing her/himself while simultaneously staying connected to the outside world.


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