The Philanthropic Agenda

In 2020 Trag Foundation published the Philanthropic Agenda, the first document of its kind to provide an overview of the key regulatory areas that need to be improved - analysis and proposals for improving tax and other regulations relevant for the development of public benefit. Exactly one year later, on the initiative of the Council for Philanthropy, the Government of Serbia accepted the provision of the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax.

Client: Trag Foundation, Belgrade, Serbia
Services: Editorial Design + Illustration + Print Management
Creative Direction: Kosta Rakićević
Design: Milorad Koturović, Kosta Rakićević
Photo: Tatjana Zlatković

Year: 2020


Taking into account the complexity of the content, we have created a system of symbols for an easy orientation within the publication, each of which announces one of ten chapters in the Agenda. The variation of circles emphasizes particular approaches to diverse tax issues and regulations, alluding to the “transformation within” with which every change begins.


Navigating the document is made easy through the application of distinct typeface, emphasized numbering and clear representation of data.

Being foremost a practical tool in strengthening civil society, the priority was to make the Philanthropic Agenda functional and accessible. Still, we added a few visual treats here and there to make sure this important study doesn’t pass unnoticed. 

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