Umetnobil ("Artmobile") is a vehicle that was conceived as a medium for changing social perception in current real circumstances. Special art units led by Ivan Zupanc created Umetnobil, a particular house on wheels that will enable artists to work and create more easily in actual social and public spaces.

Given the need for artists to move out of galleries, sterile spaces and static forms of communication, Umetnobil will allow new situations to emerge that will enable them to think mobile, spatially and socially active. The infrastructure of the vehicle will make artists overcome the problems related to transportation, accommodation, transfer of equipment and materials necessary for the representation and easier execution of the program, which is to include open-air workshops, film projections, sound and speech performances, exhibitions, hosting radio shows and more.

Client: Umetnobil, Belgrade, Serbia
Services: Identity + Illustration + Print + Website design
Photo: Ivan Zupanc

Year: 2019


Given the urgency of the cause, our creative team set out to answer the challenges of creating the visual identity for this first mobile cultural centre, a capsule for social change and an artwork in its own right. We had two things on our minds when considering the design essentials: space and movement as the main axis around which the design would revolve (also quite literally). 

We used the 3D model of Umetnobil campervan as the key form, giving it an easy spin, so that this super vehicle from the 80’s could be viewed from all sides. The vintage model of the van but also the overall alternative vibe of the project inspired us to reach for the slightly retro aesthetics, using nifty typefaces, repetition, reduced colour palette in a language reminiscent of record labels, VHS tapes, indie film posters and the analogue culture in general. 


We recognized that in the heart of "Umetnobil" project lies the need for immediate contact, community engagement and a more sincere and direct communication, hence we based our visual solutions on impactful and distinct proposals that would resonate with a wider audience and citizens, grabbing their attention in various public places (including the www).

As Ivan Zupanc, the initiator of the project asserts: "The preoccupation is with going out into the open. Umetnobil is conceived as a kind of analog Facebook in which the streets are actually a network. In other words, Umetnobil is a cultural bulletin with a special purpose."


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